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Spotty Pedestal Wet Shaving Bowl

Image of Spotty Pedestal Wet Shaving Bowl
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Handmade ceramic shaving bowl with deep ridges and a spotty centre to help kick up a thick, slick lather. Think of this as a hybrid between my two other designs; the grooved bowl and the -now discontinued- spotty bowl. It offers the best of both worlds! My customers that have used this style have commented that the spotty centre is perfect for using with soap samples as its easy to keep it in place between the spots, but also makes cleaning remnants of the sample out once finished.

These bowls have a pedestal base with a grippy unglazed section at the very base offering an easy, secure grip right beneath the centre of the bowl for maximum control while in use!

All of my products are lovingly handmade on a potter’s wheel by myself in a small studio in Cardiff, Wales and came about through my interest in wet shaving. Due to the fact that these are all handmade, there will be some slight differences in size but the differences will be minor. I have developed my range of shaving pottery through trial and error and working with other shaving enthusiasts from around the country.

I hope you will enjoy using them as much as I do!

Approx. Dimensions
Bowl diameter: 5"
Bowl depth: 2.25"
Pedestal handle: 1.25"

The shaving brush is for scale and is not included in the sale.